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Taking Care Of Antique Furniture

Sunday, March 17, 2013

by Chad Isenberg

The value of antique furniture increases through years thus it should be taken care of if one wants his or her precious antique furniture to last a long time. There are several things that should be done in order to preserve the beauty of antique furniture. And every responsible antique furniture owner should be able observe them.


RC Airplanes: What Sort Of Modeler Are You?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Author: RC hobbies

Experienced modelers know that RC airplanes come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. In fact, different models are designed for different kinds of people. It is not just that there are different styles or eras of aircraft from which to choose. Many of the models are intended for either casual or highly dedicated modelers, and choosing the wrong one might result in you wasting a lot of money and failing to enjoy the experience. In this article, we are going to identify three basic types of RC airplanes modeler. They are the casual flyer, the dedicated modeler, and those who fall somewhere in between.


The Genuine Antique Watches

Sunday, March 10, 2013

by Pamila

Antique watches have a history in them that makes you feel as if you are part of it when you carry them with you or when you look at them in museums. The intricate small engineering contained within is such a piece of beauty, and for those that appreciate it, antique watches are a pleasurable fashion piece to wear. Others might not like antique watches because of the maintenance you need to do to ensure its care and quality; they are old and therefore need time and effort to maintain their form.


RC Model Helicopters

Friday, March 8, 2013

by Reuben Cantrell

Equally polycarbonate and polystyrene are manufactured for more compact helicopters but can be affected by the wind and cold temperature. Fiberglass can stand up to a lot more strain but it is heavier. Carbon fiber is the lightest and strongest materials but is the most high-priced.


Antique Furniture Basics

Sunday, March 3, 2013

by Simon Oldmann

Antiques may be of many different kinds and of all the antique collectibles and furniture happens to be the most popular and practical choice. Antique furniture is distinct from other categories of antiques in the sense that no one collects the same type of object repeatedly. It means that you would not want to buy and collect only tables or chests and fill up your home with everything the same. However, you may have a specific liking to certain wood or style.


Coin Collecting - Factors that Influence the Value of Collectible Coins

Friday, May 18, 2012

by Michael Jones

The history of coin collecting dates back further than your mind can go. The wonderful thing about it is that anyone - old or young - can pursue this hobby. It is fascinating how diverse collections can be. You can either focus on collecting ancient coins belonging to one country or collect coins belonging to different countries. Going one step further, the collection can even be based on a particular series, a particular type set, a particular dye or even a particular grade of coin. Collecting coins that have errors due to the dies used, uneven designs, double strikes, and re-punched mints sometimes turn out to be worth their weight in gold.


Identify Genuine Antique Leather Chairs From Cheap Antique Chairs

Sunday, May 6, 2012

by Cispratik

Antiques have always been considered the best of options when it comes to creating an aesthetic environment in a house with an air of elegance. The elegance that the antiques provide to a room is often overwhelming and thus they are often considered the best when the question is of creating a breathtaking environment in the house. The best thing about antique leather chairs and even the cheap antique chairs that might not be real antique, is the fact that they create an aura of their own and thus change the whole look of the house. When thinking of giving a new look to your house at a reduced cost that might not dig a hole in your pocket, the best idea would be to go for buying cheap antique chairs or buy armchairs or cheap leather chairs.


Fly Fishing, Beginners Guide To The Types Of Artificial Flies

Saturday, April 28, 2012

by Craig Alan Howlett

In fly fishing, flies are generally divided into four types of artificial flies. (Flies are also called lures in some countries.)
They are:
1 Dry flies
2 Wet flies
3 Nymphs
4 Streamers

The categories of flies can cross into each other. There are no real strict guidelines for classifying the flies as depending on the countries, traditions of terminology. (Some anglers also classify emerges as another category of flies. These sit partially underneath the surface and partially on top of the water, imitating things like newly emerging mayflies.)


Fun with RC Boats

Friday, April 13, 2012

 by William Williams

While RC planes are a truly entertaining pastime, an even more entertaining pastime is to be had with RC boats. Electric boats fly across the water's surface as an RC boat operator remains safe and dry on shore! Whether engaging in the pastime alone, or engaging in the hobby together, there are a million ways to love and appreciate the hobby of operating RC boats of all kinds. What's more, RC boats prove to be an outstanding hobby, simply because one's budget does not necessarily define the hobby's accessibility; there are RC boats for sale that are quite affordable thereby making the pastime something that is accessible to just about everyone.


Fishing, fishing equipment on poppers, poppers species

Friday, February 24, 2012

by Vladimir

Which fish are caught primarily on poppers?
Predators of our most indifferent to Popper perch, especially when he sticks to the schooling of the method of hunting. Moreover, Popper is sometimes possible to 'start a' passive bass, which show no sign of interest in other baits, but suddenly 'wake up' when the next recruitment is heard gurgling. In second place (and with a very small margin) - pike. Popper very good 'collects' the pike in the ponds, peat bogs and grassy bays of reservoirs. Chub on poppers fished away on everywhere and always. But if at least one chub show interest to Popper, others are unlikely to quietly pass. Asp and poppers - the concept of compatible, but only in part: all the same asp bowl catch on more long-range bait. I've several times to catch on poppers rudd, ide and perch. Perhaps because of these cases, after some time be able to build a system, but for now they are rather similar to the set of exceptions.
Floating and sinking - which is better?


Maintaining Antique Furniture

Saturday, February 11, 2012

by Constantine Balbozar

For a piece of furniture to be considered an antique it should be older than 100 years old. Some say 60 but most collectors would agree on 100. To make sure sensitive antique furniture pieces are maintained in the optimum condition follow a militant routine of maintenance.
Investing in Antique Furniture
Owing antique furniture is most definitely an asset. Anyone owning a piece of antique furniture may be able to get thousands of dollars, if it is in good condition. The value of your furniture piece depends on how old it is, where it was made, the level of craftsmanship and the condition it is in. There are things you can do to guarantee your furniture piece stays in a good condition and as a result maintain a high value.
Keeping your antique furniture clean
When cleaning antique furniture make sure that it becomes part of your regular cleaning routine; do not neglect your antiques. Dust your antiques every few days, once a week at the very least. Use a soft cloth to avoid scratches. Avoid using sprays of any kind especially those that include furniture polish. Chemicals used in the manufacturing of these sprays for the purpose of repelling dust and grime can actually damage your investment by staining the wood or causing weak spots. Cleaning antique furniture should be about preserving it rather than adding to the wear and tear. What you can use to clean your wooden antiques is orange oil; use it once a week. Consider waxing every few months as well. Applying a thin coat of wax to the wooden surface of your antiques will allow it to shine.
Protecting the wood
Cleaning antique furniture can damage the wood if it is not done correctly so make sure you use all the protection necessary. Clean any liquids that fall on the wooden surfaces immediately and do not allow the fluids to sit. Cleaning antique furniture in this instance would require dabbing the stain with a soft cloth until all of the solvent has been removed. Avoid wiping it away, because it could cause more damage. To maintain wooden antiques in the best possible way, keep them away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can contribute to discolouration and irreversible damage.
Maintaining a clean environment
Always keep in mind that antiques are old and sensitive. To avoid damaging your antique furniture, make sure that you keep your antiques in a clean room with constant temperatures. Large variations in temperature throughout the day can be damaging to your antiques. Some antique collectors use humidifiers in antique storage rooms to guarantee the best return for their investment in the long run.
Always remember, that antiques are primarily valuable because of their age and condition. What will add more value to your antique are factors such as quality, distinctiveness, splendor and period. Antique collectors are always looking for the best age to condition/quality ration antique.
Antique pieces are generally very expensive and not affordable by the common man. Acquiring an antique will set you back a few dollars. To ensure that these dollars don't go to waste you should follow the above tips on a regular basis. Keep in mind that Antique Furniture can add style to your home and surroundings; incorporating distinctive antique furniture pieces in your home layout ads class.

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Start investing, buy Antique Furniture
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Coin collecting don't truly require quite oversized investments.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

by Kurt Truskowski

People have being collecting coins for centuries. Coins represent not only multiple countries, but multiple eras in history. Certain old coins that are well preserved have exceptionally high values. When you're ready to embark into the wonderful world of coin collecting, you'll need to be outfitted with the right kinds of coin collecting supplies. The right supplies will go a long way towards allowing you to make the almost all of your pursuit, from keeping your coins in pristine condition to helping determine their true value and identity to begin with. Take a look at this quick overview about a few of the coin collecting supplies that you should have on hand at all times and you'll be ready to get started shifting in the right direction.


S Scale Model Railroad

Saturday, November 19, 2011

by Tom Taggart

You want to know what's really at the cutting edge of model train hobby? What's about to break that has each and every model trainer tossing and turning with anticipation? What gauge of model train do collectors go crazy for? Alright, here it is: s gauge model railroads. You got it? You don't even know what size that is, do you? Do you even know about different scales? Alright, well let me give you the nitty-gritty on these before you start reading about them in the news:


First Die Cast Companies Forged History - Dinky And Tootsie Lead The Way

Saturday, November 12, 2011

 by Kadence Buchanan

Today, many pre-war die cast cars are considered rare and collectible items. The earliest die cast items and vehicles were made of ZAMAK alloy that didn't stand the test of time particularly well. There was a tendency for these miniatures produced in the early 1900s to form cracks and break. The alloy is zinc-based with aluminum and other metals not known for durability. Consequently, pre-war cars in excellent condition command precious prices at auction.


Bass Fishing for Beginners

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Author: Allen Bohart

Bass fishing has come a long way from being a nonchalant hobby to becoming a serious sport with different competitions held worldwide. The unique challenges created from bass fishing has helped to promote its popularity as a sport, resulting even in specialty baits, rods, clothing lines, and even boats. The sport is growing at a fascinating rate with millions being drawn in every year. The various types of bass fish that you can catch include small mouth bass, striped bass, spotted bass and largemouth bass. Out of these, the largemouth bass is the biggest one weighting over 10 pounds. Catching one is considered to be a stiff challenge as they do throw up an incredible fight when caught.


Collecting Antique Clocks

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

by Ciara Harrison

If there is one antique that people are drawn to it's antique clocks. Perhaps it's the reminder of the little carriage clock sitting on their parents mantelpiece, or the grandfather clock they had to listen to every hour, but there is something about old clocks that interests people, even those who have little interest in antiques.


The Beginners' Guide to the Best RC Boats!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

by: Gene Luncinski

If you have never operated a RC boat, it is time that you did. RC Boats are miniature realistic-looking boats that float on water. The only difference between a real boat and remote controlled boat is RC Boats are controlled by remote control.


How to Find Excellent Quality Collectible Comics

Monday, September 26, 2011

by Muna wa Wanjiru

There is a passion among collectors to buy items that are in excellent quality or relatively difficult to find. This fact applies to comic book collectors too. While many of us love reading comic books there are others who look for collectible comics. These comics are not confined to one genre or even one type of comic book storyline. Instead the collectible comics are chosen by their collectors’ tastes.


Basic Fishing Equipment - Beginner's Guide

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

by Forrest Freeman

Key Words:

  • Float/bobber

  • Sinker

  • Lure

  • Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the best combination of the above-mentioned equipment for good fishing experience, let us discuss briefly the different varieties of each tool available in the market.


    Collecting Die Cast Model Tanks

    Monday, August 29, 2011

     by Victor Epand

    For those who are considering investing in collecting die cast military vehicles then model tanks may be just what they are looking for. Die cast model tanks can look great no matter how you choose to display them and represent a large portion of the history of military vehicles.


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